Crystal Caliburn by StarPlay Productions/Little Wing (Windows, Mac)
Crystal Caliburn Box Art

Reviewed: 08/1996

Rating: 5 of 6Rating: 5 of 6Rating: 5 of 6Rating: 5 of 6

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The best in computer pinball simulations (and maybe somewhat of an insider tip judging by lack of exposure the game received), this single-table package with a Camelot/knights-of-the-round-table theme is my original favorite. Non-scrolling 2D planview in multiple resolutions (ideal at 800x600) with crisp graphics. 3 balls, configurable keys. Extremely realistic ball physics and superb design with attention to detail - from pinball lovers for pinball lovers. Wealth of features, intelligent table layout and concept, including 3-ball multiball and ramps and an ultimate challenge mode and reward, The Holy Grail. Plays quite fast and requires skill and strategy. Decent sound effects, some speech and a pace-setting background soundtrack, although the sound effects might not be realistic for a pinball machine. The company's highscore contest and the ability to track one's progress in an accumulative results file (bug with date, always one month behind) make this a table one wants to play and beat again and again. Since the results file is an external flat file, it is ideal for import into a spreadsheet and analysis of progress. Maybe a left/right nudge would be desirable in addition to the straight-up nudge but that's for lack of having any other criticism about this excellent game... Although a few years old, it is not yet dated at all. The manual is well written, detailed and even features some pinball fundamentals (of course, they can be realistically applied in the game).

Released/Copyright: 1993, LittleWing Co. Ltd.