Loony Labyrinth by StarPlay Productions/Little Wing (Win95/3.1, Mac CD-ROM)
Loony Labyrinth Box Art

Reviewed: 08/1996

Rating: 5 of 6Rating: 5 of 6Rating: 5 of 6Rating: 5 of 6

Crystal Caliburn

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This single-table package is a follow-up to Crystal Caliburn and offers the same realistic gameplay and ball dynamics, another company sponsored highscore contest and again the ability to log one's game stats in an accumulative external file. Non-scrolling 2D planview in multiple resolutions (best at 800x600) and crisp and clear graphics. 3 balls and configurable keys. Greek mythology theme and time travel as the ultimate challenge offer a novelty. Similarities to Crystal Caliburn in scoring and concept exist but that's part of the beauty, it's familiar yet different; overall it is a solid and individual design (exactly the reason why I don't accept "only a single table for your money" as a valid negative argument). Three different and excellent 3-ball multiballs that handle wonderfully. Great ramps (3), ball locks, sinkholes, bumpers, a third flipper on the upper right. Precise ball control, configurable keys, upward nudge. All your real-life flipper tricks and passes will work in this simulation. Decent sound effects, digitized speech and background music. The sound effects are a bit too "electronic" but complement the game well. Slower-paced than Crystal Caliburn and aimed more at the beginner or the one who likes nostalgic tables, yet plenty challenging and motivating. Score is measured in points but the ultimate goal is the time period one can reach by activating time travel which requires sequential completion of several target groups, similar and at least as hard as reaching the Holy Grail in Crystal Caliburn. CD-ROM for install only, not required to play.

Where Found: StarPlay Productions mail order, 05/1996

Released/Copyright: 1994, LittleWing Co. Ltd.