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The Last Day

I had just picked up my luggage from the conveyor belt of the airport's baggage claim and walked out to the bus stop where the bus to the hotel "Paradise" was waiting. The sun burned hot down on my straw hat; I could at least expect nice weather during my stay in Nice. I got it and sat down.
The hotel lobby was bustling with people and I preferred to go to my room to unpack and relax from the tiring journey. The only thing I later engaged in was a walk around town to familiarize with the surroundings. I returned soon though.
I had a lot planned and impatiently fell asleep.

First Day
After an extensive breakfast I went down to the beach, laid down in the sun and enjoyed myself.
The water was refreshing and basically clean. Towards noon I went to have lunch. I let myself be spoiled by southern cuisine and established the restaurant as my regular eating place. I wasn't here for the last time but of course would want to try other restaurants too.
In the afternoon I only bathed in the sun with the result that a small sunburn showed on my shoulders in the evening. Without bothering too much about it I went on the lookout for a bar with French specialties.
It tasted great.
The city map I bought proved to be very useful and immediately I went exploring. I photographed memorials, buildings and the port which was colorful with all the ships. I just enjoyed this beautiful country. After a drink in the hotel bar I went to bed. That is, I tried to sleep as the unusual heat in my room kept me from falling asleep. I had a cold shower - lukewarm as far as I'm concerned - and finally dozed off afterwards.

Second Day
Today I participated in an excursion through southern France that was organized by my travel agency. It was very hot but also very interesting. I saw wild horses and other worthy things. Everything was well organized and dinner worked out well too.
With a healthy tiredness we were driven back to the hotel where I fell asleep right away.

Third Day
As I awoke today the sky was overcast. It wasn't as warm as usually and the sun kept hiding behind the clouds. Still it was about 80º F. in the shade. I slept in and proceeded to my favorite restaurant around noon in order to have lunch. I ordered pizza which turned out to be not very tasty. It was drowning in oil. I ordered French wine to wash it down. Compatriots who were staying at a different hotel, according to them, joined me at the table. I liked them right away and we conversed about the usual stuff you tell when meeting someone like that. Together we went on a nice walk that took us all across town. My French dictionary came in handy when asking our way through to the taxi stand. We took a taxi back.

Fourth Day
The weather showed itself from its best side today and I rose early to take advantage of the day. I sunbathed at the beach and got more of a tan which pleased me. I also rented a rowing boat. Far out into the ocean I spotted jellyfish and fishes swimming in the water.
Nothing else was noteworthy about the day.
And so, this vacation day came to an end too.

Fifth Day
Today it was time to write postcards and do the last souvenir shopping trip as the vacation was finally coming to an end. After a few more hours by the sea I went to pack the things I wouldn't need anymore in order to have more time available on the next and last day.
Slowly, evening came and I realized that I had to be back home and at work soon. I went on a last walk through old downtown with which I was now quite familiar and I smelled soothing ocean breeze.
I went to bed early. There would be plenty to do still tomorrow.

Last Day
I got up fairly early and went to the hotel restaurant to have my last breakfast here. I postponed my errands and duties and with a full stomach went over to the city's aquarium. After seeing the pretty fishes out in the ocean I planned on doing that before my departure.
After the entrance there was a visitor's book on a desk. I signed and noticed that many people from my country had visited here too. Then I went on the tour. First I looked at the part of the museum that featured stuffed fishes and fish skeletons then followed the aquariums with the colorful, small fishes of the Mediterranean. There were starfishes and sea-urchins as well as different kinds of seaweeds. I also admired a huge water turtle.
In the center of the exhibit was a huge pool with scary white sharks, at least 15 feet long. Stairs led up to a platform from where one could look into the pool from above. I went upstairs and watched the monster. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my back: Some idiot pushed me into the pool with the starving, instantly reacting sharks...


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