Wasty Presents: 1001 Shocks For Nightmares


It so happened that on a very small bridge, that was only wide enough for one person at a time, two farmers with their donkeys met. One farmer approached the middle of the bridge from the left, the other from the right. As they got stuck in the middle the obvious argument started and neither one intended to back up.
The farmer coming from the left insisted he have the right of way as the one coming from the right is supposed to yield to the one from the left, in his opinion. The other had a preference for word play and concluded, "Since I am coming from the right, I must be right". He wasn't blessed with brains and because he didn't understand the confusing considerations of left and right he put a bullet through the other farmer's head. The deadly wounded farmer started falling to the right but decided to drop to the left into the creek underneath. Like a wild river the Reaper came speeding from the right to yield to the dead guy entering the beyond.

It is up to the psychologists to examine why the farmer reacted in this deadly way. What's up to you to examine are the following stories. You simply have to flip the page from right to left to yield to the terror and fear, the stories ahead, about to enter your soul. Brrrr....


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