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The Magic Rope

Ron Palmer got up from the chair and walked over to the wall of the stylish living room. There he admired a strange, antique-looking wooden flute that reminded of the Orient and next to it a rope that hung rolled up on a crooked hook. "Very nice", he remarked as if he knew anything about the items. His host, Sam Hudson, had put down his glass and got up too. "Yes, yes, a unique collectible indeed, the flute and the rope." A strange tone was in his voice. "I've obtained the items from a fakir while vacationing in India. I'm sure you are familiar with the old rope trick where a fakir plays the flute and the rope is set in motion. This here is just such a rope but I only use it as a decoration for my house", Sam explained. "I never tried if I could play the trick myself".
"So, why don't you tell me more about your travels or try to perform the trick anyway", Ron said cheerfully.
"Oh yeah, let's get down to the reason you are really here today. So you want to borrow money from me, ho, ho", he said impatiently. Ron Palmer was surprised about the sudden change of topics. What was wrong with his friend today? Was he just in a bad mood? And now this rejecting irony in Sam's voice when he was talking about money. Sam's money, but Ron needed it. How could he make his request if Sam was in such a mood, he wondered. He felt the small gun in his chest pocket. He had thought of everything because he really needed that money.
So far, Sam Hudson always has been Ron's buddy. They did a lot of things together; vacationing together and such. Each one almost was like the other's brother. But now, after they had not seen each other for quite a while, Sam seemed to have changed. He was no longer the open, friendly, talkative person he used to be.
"Just now when I need that money", he thought. "I was hoping he would just give me the money without making a big fuss. Then he wouldn't care either if it took me several months to pay it back. Maybe even with a decent interest." He thought of that and his prospects of starting a career. But for the career he needed the money upfront and he noticed the cold metal of the gun on his chest. "Would this really be necessary?".
The rope on the wall seemed to pay attention.
"How much do you need?", Sam asked suddenly and interrupted the silence. "Oh, ehemm.... 35'000". Ron took a deep breath and waited anxiously for Sam's reaction. "No, I don't think you will get that from me," he replied with a smile. Ron was flabbergasted. He began to get angry and even desperate. "Damn, I need the money and I will get it!" he screamed but saw that he was getting upset in vain; Sam was stubborn and remained cool. "Well, then, 30'000". "No way", was the quick response. "Yes! I've had enough!". Sam smiled with satisfaction. "I need the money!", Ron squeaked, agitated. He nervously pulled the gun and aimed it at Sam. Even before Sam could get scared, Ron pulled the trigger. A shot interrupted Ron's heavy breathing. Sam collapsed. His eyes still seemed to say no. Ron considered briefly what he had just done and then took the key to the safe from the body. The safe was behind the two travel souvenirs and Ron put them down on the table. The safe was unobstructed and he opened it. He searched through a pile of documents until he found a checkbook. He wasn't interested in cash as it would be easy to forge the signature on the check. He pulled out a check for 40'000 pounds and put it in his wallet. Then he put the valuables back and closed the safe. He returned to the table where there were two wine glasses, still almost full. He took his and drank to his future. For fun he blew into the flute. Then he thought that he basically was a murderer now and that murderers deserve to be killed just like the law says. So the body would have to disappear. He thought that it would not be a problem at all and that the affair would soon be forgotten. He took another sip to his career and - swallowed wrong. Hadn't the rope just moved? He put the glass down and started thinking. He blew into the flute just before and then the rope moved. He wanted to make the rope move again. "It should be given the chance to salute me", he thought like in a trance from the bliss about his future. He blew into flute hard so that it made a horrible sound but also caused the rope to jerk. It started to grow and lift into the air...
Ron started to play a tune and stared at the rope. It was already halfway into the air and with snake-like movements it moved towards Ron, more exactly towards Ron's neck... Ron was taken by all his luck and didn't realize what the rope was doing. He played an old children's song followed by a birthday song when the rope put itself around his neck. "Hello, are you coming to me? How nice of you", he babbled and was forced to stop playing. Suddenly the rope tightened. Before Ron even realized what was happening he already fell to the floor, strangled.
In far away India an old man smiled with relief. He was freed from the curse of the magic rope that he gave to this European some time ago.


Copyright © April 1980, Wasty, The Magic Rope
German title: Der indische Seiltrick
86 lines
Reading time: approx. 6 minutes


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