Wasty Presents: Death Is Near You


Well, valued reader, I am terribly pleased to meet you again on this occasion, as macabre as it may be, don't be afraid, I am with you (may you be careful enough not to believe every word I say)!
There is a new batch of crime and horror stories waiting here for you. They were prepared with vicious joy and the coldest of feelings and laced with the attributes of high-grade horror, terror and fear.

Maybe I will achieve this time what the previous books didn't quite achieve yet, your death! Don't tell me you didn't suspect it! You should know better by now! For evil will waltz again to the beat of your frightened heart (I hope it can dance that fast!) and send its foul breath down the alleys of death.
I wouldn't want to be in your skin, oh no! I rather retreat from this eerie place and the danger that is waiting for YOU and observe first what is going to happen to you. I remain (only) your


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