Wasty Presents: Choice Of Your Pain

The Author's Last Word (Afterword)

Well, so then, are you craving more? More of these - er - these torturing things? More of these hair raising, dangerous and terrifying items of death? More, huh? You know, I feel sorry for you, I just can't understand you, just can't understand. I supposed if I was in your shoes I would have gotten the hell out of here a long time ago. If I was you I would be hiding somewhere in this world or in the world beyond. But, heh, I've got a grip on you. I've put you under my spell.

Be afraid! What kind of almost human creature can pull such a thing out of its satanic claws? In the dark, in the night... Quo vadis?

May you be careful not to get hurt as you are mine! Oh, don't look behind you, no! Who would have thought that he still has that much blood inside!? Too bad for him. Choose, decide! Head or tail? Go on, just go on. Ever forward until you stand in front of Death. He's near. There he is lurking. Ha, that's what you though! He's over there. No, over there. Or here after all? Behind you? He's already got the tentacles of horror stretched out to grab you.
What's the matter? Are you confused or scared? Be confused! Be scared! You have good reason.
May everybody be afraid! So then, my last word, your


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