Wasty Presents: Choice Of Your Pain


Well, dear reader, we meet again. How are you feeling after my second horror book? I hope still strong enough as I decided to write another book with stories of terror.
A new series under the name "Wasty Presents" will be released. I believe that my stories are improving in quality (excuse the pad on the shoulder) at therefore become more and more effective.

As in the previous books you will again find a variety of stories. Stories that are rather mysterious, some that are brutal, horrifying or just plain criminal. They are set in terrifying places, in big cities, small towns, buildings or just in everyday life. It is my opinion that the most effective stories come from situations that everyone goes through every day.

I hope that I chose the pains and tortures well in order to frighten you. It is at least recommended to reconsider if you should turn to the following page and expose it to your reading eyes. May you have gruesome fun - I shall not be held responsible...


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