Wasty Presents: 1001 Shocks For Nightmares


There once was a man who got mugged one morning on the way to work. The mugger forced the man at knifepoint to hand over all of his money even though the good man didn't have a cent on him. In a struggle the man evaded the deadly attack by the skin of his teeth.
When the man passed a construction site a pile of wooden beams crashed down behind him. The rope on the pulley ripped and the beams fell on the sidewalk from high above.

Then he almost got run over by a car as the 3079th traffic casualty of the year. And as some teenage punk tripped the man, he almost banged his head on a sharp rock.
He climbed the stairs to his office and touched the railing which gave in and broke. He just barely managed to hold on to the stairs else he would have fallen to certain death.

Going home in the evening he was glad he survived the day. He got home and saw his wife scrub the balcony so he went there to greet her. He slipped on the soapy concrete and fell over the balcony down into the garden. He died immediately.
Can this be considered an accident or is the wife a murderer?

The above story can be compared to my books. You have endured all of my books and stories so far (the stories can be compared to the attacks on the man's life) and survived - just like the man - but you are still going to die from one of my upcoming stories. Will I be a murderer because of that?


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