Wasty Presents: Dirty Deeds For Clean Gents


Well, my dear reader, did you lock the doors, close the windows and the shutters? No? Well, didn't you see the black limo parked outside? It's just waiting down there for now; but it's waiting determined impatiently. But please, it's up to you. Should you - for your own good - decide for safety after all then do not get close to the window. At least one bullet from the large machine gun would definitely hit you. But there's no reason to panic. What's glowing down there is just a cigarette.

So be careful. Once you have taken all the precautions for reading these terrifying stories do not worry, until maybe, after all...

Stop! Another precaution for your own safety. You see, we - that's me and my henchman in the black car - mean no harm. We want you to stay alive all through this book. It turned out from our own experience: Frightened victims are easier to kill. But just read first. Don't turn on the light. It would be too easy to spot you - through the scope of the gun. Dim candle light has to be sufficient. Rather have goosebumps than holes in your skin. But don't let us bore you. One way or another; the result will be the same.
Why are you shaking like that? Just bury yourself in the following stories - it's better that way - for us and maybe for you too, believe me. Wasn't there a sound? Calm down - there was. We advised you to lock the door, and you? You thought that these stories would be harmless. Now the door is open. But don't turn around. It's nothing. The limo is still down there but where are we, the passengers? Read the stories! - (the knife feels good in my hand) - or turn around! As we said, it makes no difference.


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