Pinball World by 21st Century Entertainment/Spidersoft (DOS CD-ROM)
Pinball World Box Art

Reviewed: 08/1996

Rating: 1 of 6Rating: 1 of 6Rating: 1 of 6Rating: 1 of 6

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Conceptual "travel-around-the-world" theme with multiple, linked tables (the goal is to travel from one country table to another). Poor graphics, poor gameplay and dreadful table layouts. The tables are appear boxy, inconsistent and often are wider than they are long. No plunger, balls are dropped onto table automatically and the game won't let you drain them for a long time. Annoying screen flicker with Diamond Stealth 64 Video VRAM card that the provided patch didn't fix either. I was hoping for something in the quality range of Pinball Illusions but I took this one back for a refund quickly. No value whatsoever for anybody with the slightest expectations of a pinball game. The concept of linked tables isn't new either. I've seen it years ago in a Commodore Amiga game called Pinball Magic. You had to complete all the lights on a table upon which a gate would open that allowed passage to the next level. Pinball World (released 1996) takes over that concept, which is not a bad thing, but unfortunately leaves it back in the late 80's with this particular implementation.

Where Found: Babbage's, Arizona, USA, 03/1996