Ultimate Pinball by GT Interactive/Teeny Weeny Games (DOS CD-ROM)
Ultimate Pinball Box Art

Reviewed: 09/1996

Rating: 2 of 6Rating: 2 of 6Rating: 2 of 6

Wild West, Pharaohs, Pirates, Frankenstein, Goal, Luna Babe

Multi-table package with six themes. Luna Babe is giving the package a RSAC Advisory of "revealing attire" in the Nudity/Sex category, whoa... Considering the $5-$10 cheapo price, this package is dated but not all that bad. What stands out are the fun and clear sound and speech effects and fairly distinguished themes. All tables are scrolling with pixelated low-res graphics. There's an animated dot-matrix display and even some video modes. Supports 3-ball multiball and up to 12 players. Keys are fixed (CTRL, ALT) and the tables can be nudged left and right via the SHIFT keys. Other than music and sound on/off there are no configurable options and only 5-ball games are available (Ultimate Pinball is a European production where 5 balls are standard). Highscore names are entered as 3-character initials via flippers (you want to be named "Aaron" for this as the key response is slow). The slow and rather unrealistic ball movement tests your patience and the flippers only allow the most basic techniques. If you're on a tight budget, want a little pinball fun for your kids or yourself, this one might be for you - just be sure you're not offended by VGA Luna Babes in 256-color bikinis... If you own a game called "Screamball" (U.S. Gold), don't bother as this is just the European title for Ultimate Pinball.

Where Found: Target, Arizona, USA, 09/1996

Released/Copyright: 1996, TWG Ltd.