Pinball Deluxe by Softkey (DOS CD-ROM)
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Reviewed: 01/1997

Rating: 3 of 6Rating: 3 of 6Rating: 3 of 6Rating: 3 of 6

Royal Flush
Eight Ball Deluxe

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Royal Flush, Eight Ball Deluxe, Tristan

Multi-game package with three previously released titles. This is a budget CD-ROM featuring the three tables released by Amtex before they went out of business. The games are each provided as their original, individual DOS installation so the CD-ROM is not required to play and there is no menu that combines the three tables. Tristan is touted as a bonus table and is of considerably inferior quality to the other two tables. Both Royal Flush (poker) and Eight Ball Deluxe (pool) are modelled after actual Gottlieb and Bally pinball machines and offer nostalgic but great realism. Note that version 2.0 of Eight Ball Deluxe is featured here which introduces non-scrolling, high-resolution VESA graphics up to 1600x1200 although only 800x600 fills the whole screen (with regard to playfield, title screens are low-res unlike Royal Flush). Yet, it's a big plus over version 1.0 which was lo-res and scrolling only. This version also insists on EMS memory (versus XMS) and a conflict with my Netroom memory manager forces me to use an alternate boot config. This is not the case with Royal Flush. It's interesting to note that Softkey left in the Amtex promotions for planned games that unfortunately never saw the light of day. Please refer to the individual discussions of the three tables via the links below but note that the original version of Royal Flush provided here does not support the Thrustmaster Pinball Wizzard as mentioned in the review of a specially bundled version.

Where Found: CompUSA, Arizona, USA, 12/1996

Released/Copyright: 1996, TLC Properties Inc.
1991-1994, AMTEX Software Corporation (all games)
1994, P.A.S. Systems (Eight Ball Deluxe)
1994, Premier Technology (Royal Flush)
1991, Little Wing (Tristan)