Pinball Illusions by 21st Century/Digital Illusions/FrontLine Design (DOS CD-ROM)
Pinball Illusions Box Art

Reviewed: 08/1996

Rating: 4 of 6Rating: 4 of 6Rating: 4 of 6


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Multi-table package with four themes. Non-scrolling 2D planview in 800x600 resolution (contrary to frequent other opinion I prefer non-scrolling tables over anything). Good simulation-like ball handling and physics. Good graphics (save for unfitting, self-praising intro and a menu screen reminiscent of Amiga demo hacks) but much alike scoring systems and features across the different tables. Entertaining gameplay and challenges (modes) that, however, get boring once experienced. The care applied in making gameplay realistic puts it on the level with the fancier 3D products. 3- and 5-ball play writes to same highscore table which already contains hard-to-beat preset highscores (I hate this). Very good and funny sound effects add to the entertainment but the repetitive background music can get annoying too. Still, one of the better products out there.

Where Found: 21st Century Entertainment mail order, 12/1995

Released/Copyright: 1995, 21st Century Entertainment Inc.