Take-A-Break Pinball by Dynamix/Sierra On-Line (Windows, floppy version)
Take-A-Break Pinball Box Art

Reviewed: 09/1996

Rating: 2 of 6Rating: 2 of 6Rating: 2 of 6

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Multi-table package with eight tables. One of the first pinball games for Windows and dated by now. Some themes based on the Sierra game characters Leisure Suit Larry, Willy Beamish and Roger Wilco. Fairly simplistic tables and features, some neat animations and speech. Does not support multiple resolutions. Not the most careful of designs (ball would often jump over flippers, score disappears at the end of a game unless highscore table is made). Is now being distributed on CD-ROM and I don't know if the tables have been updated in any way. As of this writing I've seen the game stocked in a lot of stores still while newer and better games have long been taken off the shelves. I guess Sierra must have more clout when it comes to distribution...