Angel Egg by LittleWing (Win95/Mac, English, Internet Edition)
Angel Egg Title Art

Reviewed: 10/1999

Rating: 5 of 6Rating: 5 of 6Rating: 5 of 6Rating: 5 of 6

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Single-table package with a unique Heaven theme based on the mythology of the seven Archangels and a follow-up to Crystal Caliburn and Loony Labyrinth. Non-scrolling 2D planview with improved 3D effects over its predecessors, similar in graphic style to Golden Logres. Angel Egg was conceived in 1996 in Japan but not released to the greater international public until now and distribution is via Internet only. Max. 4 players with 3 balls each and top 4 high scores recorded for a high score contest. Multiball up to 6 balls. 3-way nudging, configurable keys (requiring patch to initial release to be saved), otherwise no adjustable parameters which I still deem appropriate as we all compete with the same parameters. Cute baby-like sound effects complementing the theme without getting overbearing or annoying. If I'm not mistaken, Angel Egg is really a tribute to the design team's first ever child.
Inspite the cuteness, Angel Egg can be a devil to play successfully. The challenge lies in mastering multi-ball play which is easy to start and hard to maintain. Your defense is having as many balls in play as possible rather than scoring extra balls, bonus helds etc. Scoring is directly related to the number of balls in play at the time certain targets are hit. There is the usual "ultimate" mode which requires completion of a variety of sequences which are sometimes easily scored individually but hard to keep lit at the same time. The table rules are very structured, logical and have us adventure through the aspects of the chosen theme. The ball physics are immaculate but I think that the right outlane has been unnaturally tweaked to drain so often that it seems unfair and unnatural at times. It's part of the challenge and nudging helps but it seems like a gratuitous challenge. Also, I get the impression that the benefits of some features are not in relation to what it takes to get them but since it's the same for everybody I still think it's a fair setup.
My one disappointment with Angel Egg is that there is no Record Score Log feature. That was such a motivation in CC and LL because if you cared for the stats, every single game counted not just the ones with a new highscore. I was told the feature was omitted so that the game could be run directly from CD-ROM. Hmmm... Other than that, Angel Egg is another quality release consistent with CC and LL and I love something that fits into an established framework yet is different and refreshing. If you've been spoiled by the 3D of Pro Pinball or the silliness of casual "fun" pinball games this might not be for you but if you appreciate a down-to-the-core challenge made with authentic love for detail you have another companion.

Where Found: LittleWing online, 09/1999

Released/Copyright: 1996, LittleWing Co. Ltd.